Marching Banner Winners

The winners of the Marching Banner contest, as mentioned previously, will be announced at the end of today's rally, just before the parade's procession begins.

I can't wait!!!

Winners of the Clown Contest

Mazal Tov to all winners! Looking forward to seeing you 'clowning around later today!

Mendel Munitz
Yossi Gottlieb
Sholom Schapiro
Levi Cohen (2nd Grade)
Mendel Cunin (4th Grade)
Levi Korf
Coby Lipsker
Ari Herzog
Sruly Lipsker
Shalom Cohen
Menachem Cunin (5th Grade)
Yanky Hanoka
Shmuly Cunin (2nd Grade)

Early Pictures of the Floats Being Built

KYY to be Featured at this Year's Lag B'Omer Parade in LA with Three Floats!

Kol Yaakov Yehuda - the Shul for the Kids by the Kids in L.A., were on their way to Crown Heights this time last year - and made a beautiful Kiddush Hashem during their entire outing.

This year they are staying put; they are coming home - and they are doing it in grand fashion!

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, heart and spirit of the program, announced today during the Shul's Minyan that KYY will be represented by, not one but three featurettes at the parade: a floats from the Ezras Anoshim - co-sponsored by cheder Menachem & KYY - a float by the Ezras Noshim and a featurette "mini-mobile" for the "Mini-Jounior Minyan".

Knowing Rabbi Duchman and they way he get things done, we can't wait to see what they all have in store for us!


Picture of the Day: Charlie Entering Security

It's Official! Charlie is LA-Bound!

Marching Banner - Mendel Schmukler

Mendel Schmukler form Cheder Menachem decided to go graphic this time, making a creative Lag B'Omer marching poster that he we most certainly use by the parade.

Great job!

Marching Banner - Reena Pinson

Reena Pinson from 4th Grade, BCM with her message to the world: We need YOU to bring Moshiach NOW!

Marching Banner - Mendy Lezak

Mendy Lezak of Cheder Menachem with a creative marching sign. ope to see it up close and in person by the parade!

Marching Banner - Menachem Cunin

Menachem Cunin of 5th Grade Cheder Menachem with his marching sign. How can you carry three signs?

Marching Banner - Sara Newman

Here is Sara Newman from 3rd Grade, Beis Chaya Mushka with her colorful marching poster. I like the colors you chose and even better: the message you are sharing with the world!

Marching Banner - Dovid Cunin

Dovid Cunin of Pacific Palisades and studnet of Morah Chana's Pre 1A, submitted this picture of him with his marching sing, that he made with the help of his sister.

Students in Cheder Menachem Adding the Finishing Touches to their Float

Marching Banner - Chaya & Pessi Fischer

Sisters Chaya & Pessi Fischer of Beis chaya Mushka, Grades 2 & 3, as well as Shluchim of the Rebbe to the Miracle Mile, presenting their artistic marching poster.

Marching Banner - Mendy Ginsburg

As we get close to Shabbos, the submissions keep pouring in. Here is Mendy Gisnburg from Cheder Menachem with his poster that he plans on marching with.

Marching Banner - Matti Baitelman

Well, well. Matti is working overtime this Lag B'Omer! First working together with his brother and cousin and now presenting yet another beautiful piece of art! Way to go Matti!

Cheder Menachem Flag Procession Practice - Day #3

Cheder Menachem Marching Band Practice - Day #4

Marching Banner - Lieba Hecht

Move aside! I don't know what's greater: the winning poster design or the winning smile!

Great going Lieba!

Marching Banner - The Baitelmans of Pico & Mendel Cunin (Cousins)

The achdus is catchy!

Here is true family spirit. Avi & Matti Baitelman of Pico got together with their cousin Mendel Cunin of Pacific Pallisades to make their Lag B'Omer marching poster.

This competition is getting heated....

Marching Banner - Shmuly Wolowik


Colorful and grand, you're sign is to me,
Figure how to carry it and you're first place by me!

Marching Banner - The Sapochkinsky Boys

Lag B'Omer is all about achdus. "The Sapo" brothers - Shneur, Yossi & Avremi - took that to the next level by uniting to make one marching banner that they all will march with. And what better way than with the goal to bring Moshiach!


List of Event Sponsor

It is at this time we would like to acknowledge and thank all of the Mosdos and establishments that have helped us in making this upcoming Lag B'Omer Parade the most anticipated one yet.

General Chaim Mentz to Join Rabbi Mayer Greene as Co-MC's for Lag B'Omer Parade

With Lag B'Omer less than a week away, Mosdos around the world are in overdrive; floats are being built, marching bands are conducting daily rehearsals, rentals orders are being reviewed, rides and booths finalized and the day's program is being set in stone... Only to be edited, due to another feat ‘pulled off’ as an exciting addition to the Event.

For those old enough to remember the Lag B'Omer Parades - and any Tzivos Hashem Rallies (for that matter) in Los Angeles over 15 years ago, one name comes to mind; one that brings bright smiles and great memories: General Chaim.

Rabbi Chaim Mentz, Shliach of the Rebbe to Bel Air, California, was director of Tzivos Hashem on the West Coast in his first years as a Shliach in LA., and directed Tzivos Hashem Clubs & Rallies throughout the Southern California area.

And run it he did!

With his trademark smile, positive energy and contagious enthusiasm, General Chaim rallied and lead hundreds of Jewish children from all walks of life & backgrounds. To this day people talk about the rallies held at Pan Pacific park where an average rally would boast over 1,000 children, from all of the local Jewish schools including Hillel, Yavneh, Sephardic, Emek, and the Chabad schools.

Last year, the next generation of children was in for a treat: Rabbi Mentz joined last year's Lag B'Omer Parade in LA, making an encore appearance as the program's MC together with Mendy Pellin. He was in true form; and it brought back fabulous memories.

"I remember going to rallies with 'General Chaim,'" said one attendee at the 2010 Lag B’Omer Parade. “Rabbi Mentz's enthusiasm was the highlight of the entire show. We missed having him MC the Parades. But he’s back!”

Well, the organizers of this year's Lag B'Omer parade have just brought us the exciting news that Rabbi Mentz will once again grace the stage at the Lag B’Omer Parade on May 22nd, as he Co-Hosts the parade's procession with Rabbi Mayer Greene.

Rabbi Mayer Greene is “not a stranger” to anyone involved in youth education, programs, activities and events. From running one of the largest - and most successful – Gan Israel Day Camps in Southern California and the world, to producing the annual Chabad Chanukah Menorah Lighting at Universal City Walk, Rabbi Greene was the natural choice.

Rabbi Greene's history with Youth events goes back to the 1980’s where he organized and emceed Tzivos Hashem Rallies in New York, including one in 1986 which featured Chaim Fogelman, the headliner for this year's Parade.

As Yout Director, Pre School Director, and Talmud Torah Director for Chabad of the Valley in Tarzana, Ca, Rabbi Greene has become an indispensable resource to many Chabad Mosdos. He has headed Inter-Camp Day, children’s Concerts, Lag B’Omer Parades, Street Festivals that featured Uncle Moishe, and Israeli Solidarity rallies in support for our Holy land.

The talented team of Rabbi Mentz and Rabbi Greene takes this year’s Parade up a notch and it now becomes a full-fledged Production!

Add Rabbi Mendel Duchman, the talented, enthusiastic and gifted Director of “Kol Yaakov Yehuda” Children’s Minyan for the community children, who, as previously reported, will be leading the day's rally with the 12 Pesukim - the excitement in store for this year’s event is up to the imagination!

Well, BEZ"H in just under a week, all event secrets will be shared with the participants – so one and all – join us at the corner of Pico Blvd. and Wetherly Drive. See you at the Parade!

Charlie Buttons to Join the L.A. Lag B'Omer Parade

The Lag B'Omer Parade in L.A. is excited to announce that we have secured the services of "Charlie Buttons".

Loved by one and all, Charlie is a endeared icon in Chabad's modern-day "Who's Who". Most notably is the special 'Yachas' the Rebbe showed, meriting on many occasions to bring much joy to the Rebbe. This is self evident from the hours of video footage taken at the Rebbe's Farbrengens, Kos Shel Brachos, Dollars & Tefilos and Lag B'Omer parades.

Recently JEM released footage of the Lag B'Omer Parade by the Rebbe in the year 5744. A clip in the promotional release highlights Charlie passing before the Rebbe.

A regular by Sholom Zachos & Simchos around Crown Heights, Charlie is one who brings much joy and laughter to everyone, especially the youth. He was thus a natural choice to include as a part of the parade.

Tracking Charlie down, however, proved to be an entirely different story; Charlie, after all, does not own a cell phone. After many phone calls, a flight to Crown Heights by Rabbi Mendel Duchman, pulling strings and connections,Charlie was finally tracked down.

After much persuasion, Charlie has agreed to travel the close to 2,500 miles, to bring much of the Crown Heights Lag B'Omer spirit to the West Coast, sharing it with all of us here. Charlie will be on hand throughout the day doing what he does best: making people happy, blowing balloons for children of all ages & backgrounds, awarding toddlers special "Charlie Buttons Pins", and of course: sharing his now-legendary 'Divrei Bracha' to everyone!

A special thank you goes to Boruch Ezagui and Mendel Tevel for their assistance.

Keep checking back for more news on this exiting, developing story - as well as the Lag B'Omer promo video, marching bands and all other news - at www.lagbomerla.blogspot.com

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, Director of Kol Yaakov Yehuda in his successful effort in enlisting Charlie's services,
this past Tuesday evening in 770

A replica of 770 on Pico Blvd., the location of the Parade

The crowd by the Lag B'Omer Parade in 5767

Partial View of the Crowd Lag B'Omer 5770


Dear Community Sheyichiyu, We look forward to greeting you at the Lag B’Omer Parade, celebrating the Yom Hillula of the Rashbi - Rab...