Final Preparations for the Lag B'Omer Parade

Final preparations are in high gear as we enter the final few days before the biggest and best parade LA has ever seen!

Eavesdropping on a meeting that took place Monday evening with organizers of the parade told us the following:

  • There will be at least 6 floats!
  • The Cheder is kicking in with three featurettes: a Marching band, a flag procession & a bike brigade.
  • The US Army will be represented with a War Jeep & a delegation of War Veterans!
  • The clowns have some major surprise up their sleeves...
  • A caravan of 'feature cars' will parade down the boulevard.
  • Another performer in the works?!?!
  • The jumbo tron is real!!!
  • Rabbi Menkes will be 'sailing' in from Simcha Monica with a horse-powered engine!
The rest we were requested not to publish...

But the most intriguing bit of info - before we were escorted out - was a secretive phone call to Crown Heights at 2:30 in the a.m. They gave us their word that we will be the first to know and break the news.

Keep checking back on what's happening at the blog - www.lagbomerla.blogspot.com, for all info. If you are a school or group wanting to attend and reserve seating, and did not do so yet, hurry and email us at lagbomerla@gmail.com

Here's another shot at the meeting.

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