KYY to be Featured at this Year's Lag B'Omer Parade in LA with Three Floats!

Kol Yaakov Yehuda - the Shul for the Kids by the Kids in L.A., were on their way to Crown Heights this time last year - and made a beautiful Kiddush Hashem during their entire outing.

This year they are staying put; they are coming home - and they are doing it in grand fashion!

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, heart and spirit of the program, announced today during the Shul's Minyan that KYY will be represented by, not one but three featurettes at the parade: a floats from the Ezras Anoshim - co-sponsored by cheder Menachem & KYY - a float by the Ezras Noshim and a featurette "mini-mobile" for the "Mini-Jounior Minyan".

Knowing Rabbi Duchman and they way he get things done, we can't wait to see what they all have in store for us!

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