Rabbi Mayer Greene (L) & "General Chaim" Rabbi Chaim Mentz (R).
Background: Replica of 770 on Pico Blvd. during a previous Lag B'Omer celebration 
Opportunities for the greater Jewish community of Southern California to gather together to express unity and care for each other don't come by often.
But when they do - boy is it in style!
With two days left to LA's Greatest Parade yet, the city is in full swing. 'No Parking Signs on Sunday' signs are posted along Pico Blvd. and Pico's replica of 770 is draped with the 12 Pesukim & the classical Lag B'Omer flame.
Schools have all prepared beautiful marching signs and as we speak amazing colorful floats are being assembled on their flatbed trucks.
The "Great Parade" grand procession is rumored to be something extraordinary; marching bands, bag pipe & steel drum bands, emergency response vehicles, and 3 surprise features that we are sworn to secrecy and are not allowed to share yet.
Schools, Chabad Houses & Shuls from all over SoCal are coming together in an unprecedented expression of true Jewish "Community" - truly an event that is anticipated to bring fond and exciting memories.
But what makes an event such as this so memorable and 'classic' is the program and it's voices.
And boy does LA got that covered!
The parade organizers confirmed earlier this week that Program Maestro Rabbi Mayer Greene &  "General Chaim"; Rabbi Chaim Mentz will Co-Host this year's Great Parade.
Culling all of the great efforts, excitement and preparations for the parade is a daunting one - one that these two giants are no strangers to.
With their combined experience in Youth programs spanning over 5 decades, Rabbis Greene & Mentz will join forces and artistically paint an event that Los Angeles - No that no Lag B'Omer Parade - has never seen before.
In Los Angeles, it is known, if you want someone on board to direct & quarterback a successful (youth) event - you call Rabbi Mayer Greene. From the imitative brainstorming session, to the organization and management of each aspect, all right down to the finest details, Rabbi Greene infuses his staff with a sense of enthused responsibility and practical & effective celebration. Rabbi Greene's down-to-Earth, pragmatic approach . A master planner and effective communicator, Rabbi Greene is responsible for the success of highly acclaimed events such as "Chanukah @ CityWalk" & Largest Camp Gan Israel Day Camp in the United States of America. Rabbi Greene has been key to the planning many of the past Lag B'Omer events in L.A. for more than a decade. As MC of the program, Rabbi Greene ensures that the program flows seamlessly, with there's never a dull moment.
Rabbi Mentz, currently the director of Chabad of Bel Air, began organizing and directing children contests and program while still a Rabbinical student in his hometown of New York. He was privileged to receive numerous directives from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in this regards. Many of the projects and ideas incorporated in the children's organization Tzivos Hashem were taken from many of Rabbi Mentz's initiatives; at a time before Tzivos Hashem was ever established.
Rabbi Mentz moved to LA to direct Tzivos Hashem & youth programs. His efforts were met with great success as he acquired the title "General Chaim". Many people fondly remember these times and share their values and lessons with their children (and grandchildren too!)
The countdown is on, and the parade is all set to go. All that is missing now - is you!

See you at the parade!

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