Driving down the 405 is quite the challenge and experience; the traffic, construction - and the rush against time.

But for one young man in a small-brimmed fedora and sweet smile - this is home.

Critically acclaimed musical artist Eli Marcus has traveled the world over, bringing his unique style of music and warmth to crowds everywhere. His talents are rivaled only by his personable and charming demeanor.

Born and raised on Shlichus to Rabbi & Rebbetzin Marcus, Eli's life has always been imbued with giving and caring; making the life of others better than the moment before.

Despite the long travel, he would brave the daily commute from his home in Los Alamitos to attend Cheder Menachem Boys School, whom his father also served as Rebbi.

"If I were to choose one talmid from all my years working in Cheder that lived up to the word 'giving' and 'all-world mentch' - it would be Eli", shared a former employee of Cheder. "Always so polite, so refined. Responsible towards his school-work yet always offering a helpig-hand. A maturity beyond his years."

Like other children his age, Lag B'Omer was always a day to look forward, especially on a Sunday where a grand parade would be organized in the Long Beach area.

But that was years ago. Now, Eli is an accomplished artist. Based in New York, Eli can be seen nightly on the wedding circuit. And that's when he's not on tour or in the studio recording. To date Eli has released two albums with a third currently in production.

Coming from a family where music is second-nature, Eli was always the star of the Shabbos table. When you have brothers like as Shmuel & Bentzy Marcus of the famed 8th Day Band - that says a lot. We're also guessing that having an uncle whose name is Avraham Fried and cousins like Benny Friedman and newcomer Simche Friedman helps too.

It's safe to say that it runs in the family.

*        *          *

On Sunday, the 18th of Iyar 5777 (May 14th 2017) Eli will be making his way back home as he joins us in this year's Great Parade of Los Angeles. Eli will be leading the children in song during the program in honor of the Hillula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and will return later in the day for a full-on concert - always quite the treat.

The program begins at 10:00 a.m. with a children's rally, followed by "The Great Parade" and a full-day carnival.

Looking forward to greeting you all.

And to Eli Marcus we say - Welcome home!

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