Dear Community Sheyichiyu,
We look forward to greeting you at the Lag B’Omer Parade, celebrating the Yom Hillula of the Rashbi - Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. To ensure a successful day, please review the following and communicate this to your parent body.

a.            The program will begin 10:00 a.m.
b.            Remember to put on sunscreen before arriving.
c.            Come early, allowing your group enough time to find and settle in your seats before the program begins and ensuring the program begins “BeRov Am Hadras Melech – In Grand Fashion”, as befitting an L.A. Lag B’Omer Parade.
d.            Each school is responsible to designate an area for their group to meet before and after the parade - and communicate this to their group
e.            Parade ushers will be on hand at the 2 entrances of the seating area throughout the program to greet and escort all groups to their designated zone and seating areas. They can be identified by the ‘Usher’ tags.
f.             Everyone attending the parade and not a part of a group or school are welcome to join one of the ‘standing areas’ open to the general public (see the floor plan for details).
g.            All chairs facing Beis Chaya Mushka (i.e. ‘770’) are reserved for group and schools and with advanced reservation only. Refer to the floor plan to know which zone your group/school will be sitting (attached). Anyone attending the parade and is not part of a group or school are welcome to stand in any one of the ‘standing areas’ marked on the floor plan.
h.            The parade route will drive thru the middle lanes of Pico Blvd.
i.             A change has been made to this year’s parade; the parade route will drive in the opposite direction than past years; from Robertson towards Doheny.
j.             Make sure that all members of your group, including adults, remain seated during the entire program and parade procession, allowing everyone behind to see as well.
k.            Following the procession, groups/schools will have a chance to march. Please refer to the section entitled “The Great Children’s March” for details.

a.           A security firm has been hired to ensure the safety of everyone. Hatzala and Shmira volunteers will be on hand as well. Security officers and the parade staff are there for your safety and ensure the success of the parade. Please follow their instructions should they ask or direct you to a different area (i.e. to stand or sit, etc).
b.           By order of the LAFD and fire marshal, no one is permitted in or along the parade route, except for parade staff, to direct parade proceedings and procession.

a.            The program will begin at 10:00 a.m. with a 30-minute rally. The program will include:
                                                     i.      Video of the Rebbe
                                                    ii.     Divrei Bracha
                                                   iii.     12 Pesukim
                                                   iv.     Sing with with Eli Marcus
                                                    v.      Thank you to the event Sponsors
b.            The parade will begin at 10:30 a.m. and expected to last about 45 minutes to an hour. The parade’s procession will feature:
                                                     i.     Cheerful Clowns
                                                    ii.     Marching Bands
                                                   iii.     Colorful Floats
                                                   iv.     Featurettes
c.            Following the parade (around 11:15 a.m.) each school and group will have the chance to march. We ask again from all groups and school leaders to ensure that all members of your group, including all adults remain seated during the entire program and parade procession so everyone behind can see as well.

The Great Lag B'Omer Parade will conclude with the marching of all schools and groups. There are several changes to the marching from previous years:
a.            Groups/schools will be dismissed by zones in the following order: #1 (Friendship Circle), #14, #13, #12, #11, #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3 and #2.
b.         Groups enter the parade route from the gate directly in front of them one zone and one group at a time; gates will be unlocked and opened, allowing groups and schools easier access to the parade route.
c.            Upon entering the parade route, make a left and begin marching towards Doheny. 20 ft. before Doheny groups will make a right "U-Turn" into a second parade lane (see floor plan) where groups/schools continue marching towards Robertson (i.e., the parade route is turned into two-way foot-traffic).
d.            All groups and schools are to remain in their seats until the zone’s usher directs the group leader/principal leader to enter the parade route.
e.            The general public are welcome to join the marching after all of the schools and groups have marched.
f.             Make sure that members of your group/school take all your belongings before leaving the parade. The parade organizers take no responsibility for any lost items or belongings.
g.            Following their march, schools and group make their way to their meeting point designated by the principal/group leader from where they will dismiss everyone.
We hope you enjoy the great day of Lag B'Omer, wishing you continued nachas and with heartfelt prayers for Moshiach now!



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Dear Community Sheyichiyu, We look forward to greeting you at the Lag B’Omer Parade, celebrating the Yom Hillula of the Rashbi - Rab...